How to choose the right plant platform

Plant platform is a general term that describes an elevated platform that allows workers to access machinery or areas that would otherwise be difficult. Plant platforms are available in many sizes and can be used in a variety of industries. These platforms allow workers to access work areas and inspection areas safely in commercial and industrial premises. They also have many other uses.

Employers and business owners must ensure that their employees have safe access to dangerous areas in order to comply with the law.

Each industry has its own set of requirements so plant platforms must be tailored to each one. Because industrial and commercial spaces are so different, each platform will have to be tailored to fit the needs of that particular space. Some platforms are intended for indoor use, while others can be used outdoors.

Many business owners choose generic plant platforms because they can be used in many different applications. There are many options. Plant platform components can also be combined to allow for easy access to work areas. Many business owners will find the perfect combination from a variety of components.

If a plant platform is intended to be used only for one purpose, it might be necessary to choose a bespoke solution to ensure worker safety. It is important to choose a professional service provider to design a custom solution that suits the purpose of your plant platform.

You will need to find access providers who will work closely and often visit your premises. They will design a fixed platform that meets your needs while complying with safety and health regulations. You should look for a company with experience in providing a platform design service. Your platform should be manufactured in the company’s own fabrication shop. They must use safety-critical components made of structural steel that comply with BS EN 1090-1, and they should be CE Marked.

Access is key. You need to make sure that the plant platform you select is safe and appropriate for the task at hand. Access to the platform must be granted to workers and visitors who are trained in its safe use.

The roof is only the beginning of ongoing work. When a building is being designed and constructed, it is often overlooked how its roof will be used to house the fixed plant equipment. Even less thought is given to how equipment can be accessed safely and maintained.

According to the study, successful walkways and platforms are:

Transfer the loads to the structure and not the roof sheeting.

Use lightweight, but strong materials

Roof penetrations are minimal or absent

There is enough clearance below for any debris to be washed off

Roof cladding warranties must be valid

We are now able to consult, design, engineer, and install mechanical plant platforms.

Con-form Group developed a range modular access and platform systems made of marine-grade aluminum. These could be used to keep workers safe without causing damage to roofs or buildings.

Their design attracted many inquiries from builders and architects across the construction industry.