Qualities To Consider in A Suitable Explainer Video Creation Company

The effectiveness of explainer videos is gaining popularity and is making its dominance felt in the marketing efforts. Animated explainer videos can be uploaded on websites or YouTube or social media. You can even integrate them with emails! It allows promoting brands and creating awareness.

As they are informative, customers rarely ignore them but ensure to do it right. Marketers can fall short in creating attractive explainer videos, so it is better to outsource your needs to a professional animation studio Singapore company.

Hiring an ideal explainer video-creating company is a challenge but not impossible. Below are some qualities to identify a reliable explainer video creation service.

Study their portfolio

Research the service providers as well as your business to determine whether their capacity, structure, and policy align with your expectations. Check their portfolio to see if their work is detailed and performance aligns with your business. Do their past work blend with a tone you want to fulfill and if not determine if they are capable to deliver the outcome you expect?

The professionals at Jin, an explainer video service Singapore recommend a plethora of designs and styles when they define your concept.

Valid customer testimonials

Customer testimonials reflect the potential company’s service quality. You even get an insight into how the service provider coordinates with their past clients. Transparency and interaction are crucial for resolving queries without which you may feel baffled about your project. If available, check their case studies. The testimonials have to be from genuine customers.


There are a few subtle signs that imply their timeliness and promptness. Contact them to find out how they received your first call, do they respond within a reasonable time or did they disappear leaving you on hold. A reputable explainer of video-creating services will always be keen on offering the best customer service. It helps to determine their value towards punctuality and timeliness.

Realistic and clear expectations

The service provider and you need to collaborate and define the project purpose. Your experience with the potential video-creating company will depend on the outcomes aligning with your expectations. Therefore, communicate your concept clearly with the experts.

  • What kind of masterpiece can they create?
  • Which type is suitable for your project?
  • What has to be the explainer video’s duration?
  • When will they be able to complete the video processing?
  • What KPIs need to be employed for measuring project success?

A web design company that hesitates to set these basics is a red flag. It reveals poor commitment and reflects their incapability.

High-performance standards

You are paying for a professionally created project, so the average result is out of the picture and is unacceptable. You desire, need, and must-have video-creating company with high-performance standards. Therefore, scale their past and existing projects.

Ask about the equipment and tools they use. Technically, you do not know but their confidence and competence will reveal from the answers they give to your queries. The professionals at Jin Animation Studio Company will define the multiple development stages for your better understanding. Customers feel assured and confident that their project is in the right hands.

Animation video creation is a passionate task, where creativity is essential!