Tips to Create and Run High ROI Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook is undoubtedly a great platform for marketing and promotional campaigns. If you are new to Facebook ad campaigning then in this post you can learn about how to create and run high ROI Facebook ad campaigns.

Install Facebook pixel

Installing Facebook tracking pixels is necessary to create FB custom audiences as well as measure ad results to ensure your campaign is on track.

Create customer personas

At the start of your FB ad journey, there will be an overwhelming number of target options. Therefore, before you start to identify your target audience. It includes –

  • Where are they located or hang out?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How do they make a buying decision?

To identify target audience, create buyer’s persona. A persona represents your ideal customer identified based on the existing customer database and market research. Use interviews and surveys or existing data analysis to create personas.

A persona questionnaire also helps to build a better target audience. If this sounds time-consuming then you can take help from professionals at the Australian Internet Advertising agency. They are the best FaceBook ads agency that helps to target the right audience and deliver useful and relevant content.

Understand buyer’s journey

Buyer’s journey means the steps customers use to purchase. It can be straightforward or complex depending on your offer. You can play an active role in directing potential customers towards your products or services. The common stages in a buyer’s journey are –

  1. Awareness – Buyers are just starting to understand that they have an issue, so they start to research possible resolutions.
  2. Consideration – In this stage, the buyer is still researching and narrowing his/her options.
  3. Decision – In the last stage, the buyers need a final push to decide in buying from you.

Understand buyer’s journey and choose an appropriate FB ad strategy to maximize your outcomes.

Plan conversion funnel

The buyer’s journey represents the decision-making process, while the conversion funnel defines the strategies used to influence their decision. Conversion funnel has 4 key components –

  1. Attract – Using brand awareness content
  2. Engage – With free offers & trials
  3. Convert – Employ special offers or discounts or purchase now schedules
  4. Delight – With exclusive offers

Set conversion funnel correctly to move prospects smoothly down the funnel towards purchase.

Target different customer segment

Now, it is time to create FB audiences and categorize them. Increase website traffic by building the top of the funnel through content promotion, guest posting, and brand awareness campaigns. With a flow of steady visitors, you can detect behavior patterns to create retargeting segments. Remarketing is a potent tool for PPC as well as Facebook PPC. Build customer segments in the following ways –

  1. First-time visitors
  2. Repeat visitors
  3. Engaged visitors
  4. Landing page visitors

Drive visitors to your blog

Cold target FB ad campaign includes buying now, sign up, or schedule an appointment. It leads to a huge failure. There is a need to perform lead nurturing, so create engaging blog articles to generate site traffic. Content promotion on Facebook is –

  • Cost-effective
  • Attracts high-quality visitors
  • Gain links from influencers and authorized authors

Creative content that does not appear sales pitchy and more organic without CTA is admired by Facebook and even readers. People at this phase are gaining knowledge and are not interested in buying.

Use short video

Video content is appealing and trendy. Create relevant videos like –

  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Animated videos
  • Screen capture videos
  • Live videos
  • Feature and benefit videos

Create emotional ads

Emotional ads enhance performance. Facebook ads offer multiple ways to use emotions. Combine the right graphics and text to grab attention and earn a click or maybe a purchase decision. Effective emotions to scatter in your ads are –

  • Happy
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Scared
  • Disgust

Create curiosity

Leverage curiosity factor and score high click-through rates. Humans are naturally curious, just give them a nudge. Use FB carousel ad to reveal the last slide with a little secret associated with discount code or special offer. The viewer will scroll to the end and click.

Promote giveaway campaigns

Giveaway campaigns build brand awareness. It engages new fans and even your existing client or target remarketing customers.

Test first & spend later

Facebook has an in-built split testing system, which simplifies the process. Consider ad variations with a small budget and allow FB to perform number crunching. On completion of the test, Facebook will split winning ads. Be a smart advertiser!